Jul. 17th, 2009

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So I am alive... but I've been busy with the procrastinating from moving, and thereby getting sucked into Merlin (yes, ANOTHER show) and rewatching VMars (for which I totally blame my best friend who thought we should watch it  again. Gah.) So yes, watching tv while I debate what to pack clearly makes me a very busy girl. Hee.

But y'know what's lovely about fandom? Is how they all intersect at the most unexpected of intervals. For example, an author I used to read a lot in an entirely different fandom now writes awesome Merlin fic... which, btw, isn't by any means the best written show (or all that well written in terms of plots OR special effects which seriously are rather stupid, like worse than Doctor Who, because whenever they fight a monster, it does NOT look like they ever hit it with the damn sword) but is fun, because of the characters and their chemistry with one another. 

Meanwhile, I would really like it if my DVR would stop erasing things on its own. It has plenty of space -- 55 hours! -- yet keeps erasing things that are even protected. I know that means i should suck it up and call and get it fixed and/or replaced, but... I have stuff saved on there. Sigh.

Leverage and In Plain Sight thoughts... )


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