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Have i mentioned that I've becomed addicted to True Blood? I mean, I watched last season and this season, but the past few eps made me love it all the more, and this season has been so much better... good enough to make me read the books which aren't particularly good, in my opinion, but fun.

But tonight's ep...

wtf with the short ep? So clearly filler. It was annoying though my favorite part was Sookie facing off with Maryann. But a close second would be Jason posing as a good and Sam's naked butt. All good things. That said, can we move off of Maryann and just kill her already? She's driving me nuts, her and Tara and Eggs and the whole damn possessed lot of them. I want to like Tara more than I do, but I always find her scenes so slow. I want more Tara and Sookie scenes, I think. I'd like to remember that they're friends.

Here's the deal... I adore Anna Paquin -- I've always been a fan of hers, and I think Stephen Moyer is good, but the character Bill... irks me. More so in the books than the show (for obvious reasons, since he totally sucks in the book... no pun intended), but with the whole antiquated gentlemanly thing he's got going on, as well as the possessiveness, and he's a bit dense... he just gets on my nerves. Or makes me laugh at him, which is appreciated. While Eric is great fun, not that I think he's quality boyfriend material, but he's sarcastic and witty and just looks like he's having a good time. I can see that being far more attractive; at least, it gives him more of an edge than Bill, who's kind of poorly written in the book (I'm waiting to see where the show goes with him).

But there's a lot of comparison about how Angel/Spike are Bill/Eric which... not true. Angel? Really actually trying to atone for his sins. While Spike just wanted chaos. (I ignore Spike post-season 5 because the whole Buffy/Spike debacle was just.... wtf were they thinking? And yes, the end of season 6 especially, I'm looking at you. Besides, everyone knows BtVS ended at "The Gift.")

And Bill... well, who knows what he wants (he has different motivations in the book versus what's shown in tv so far) while Eric is all about Eric. And his power. And his reputation.

That said, the whole book fandom kind of scares me with its very strong pro-Eric stance which... okay, I can deal with, and yeah, Bill's not great... but there seems to be a lot of Sookie hate too, because she doesn't worship the ground he walks on... like she shouldn't have any conflict over being involved with Eric. And the fanfic? There's a large contingent that's bad, like so cheesy I can't believe they wrote that because it just has Eric ending every sentence in "lover." As in "Hello, my lover." "How are you, my lover?" "Come with me, my lover." How do you not laugh/simultaneously throw up a bit at that?

This is why I'm totally not going to read/watch Twilight.
I should totally be packing. Sigh.


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