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So me not posting as much? Apparently a lie. But part of the family arrived today, and more are to come so this amount of time while the babies are sleeping lets me watch tv in piece.

I finally watched Army of Ghosts and Doomsday! Army of Ghosts was enjoyable, and I was surprised at how much I liked it... that said, I was also REALLY surprised that Doomsday did not make me bawl like a little baby (a la "Becoming Part II" or "The Body" or "Damn it, Joss Whedon, here's my heart and trample it on the floor, why don't you?" -- the only other shows I can think of that made me cry or WANT to cry were Everwood (seriously, damn you Berlanti); INTSOTG parts 1 and 2 of The West Wing... like Toby's reaction to finding Josh and then Donna's reaction and then ACK. There I go.).

Anyways, Doomsday mainly made me mad. (Yay alliteration!) I wanted to kick both Pete and the Doctor hard. Extremely hard. Where do they get off dictating what world Jackie and Rose end up in? The two of them talk and settle it all in a matter of minutes? What the fuck ever. I'm still angry about it! Like I'm supposed to buy it as some romantic ending for Pete/Jackie, when the man won't really acknowledge Rose in any way when she's the huge shining bright part of Jackie's life? Or that the Doctor can just push Rose on through to another world, same with Jackie, even though they have friends and family in their own world! Just because Pete has money doesn't mean it's a fairy tale ending. Fairy tale endings are STUPID. Cinderella's only choice was the Prince taking her away, or working her ass off for the rest of her life for a mean stepmother. She never got to say "Hey, no thanks, I'm gonna leave and find my own job."

SO lame. And it felt like the Doctor was just fatalistically lobbing Rose off, and how did he even plan on setting the levers himself? Suicide? And those clamps? That's supposed to help them? How about a frigging harnass out of the indestructible TARDIS? Or better yet, GO HIDE IN THE TARDIS. Which, btw, would have void stuff on it, right? And how is it that Pete can stand in the midst of the Void sucking him in just fine and catch Rose, while she can't hold onto a lever? I'm supposed to believe that? Or that Jackie -- THE LOGICAL CHOICE TO DO THE LEVERS SINCE SHE WOULDN'T BE AFFECTED -- gets shoved to the other side. And all those soldiers that were swarming around. How about getting them to help?

Not only were the male characters patronizing and condescending, logistically the ep was weird! The only highlights for me were Jackie (who is awesome... her comic timing is fantastic), Mickey (yay grown up awesome loyal friend Mickey), and Billie Piper who just nailed every scene she had.

I'm just disappointed.



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